Woman’s Paychecks

Men Get Paid More

Would you believe that men get paid 30% more?  What if we paid blacks 30% less than whites?  What would happen?  There would be a huge uproar.  They’re already asking for minimum wage being raised to $15.

Sisters, we need to raise our voices and object to this mistreatment.  It is 2016, and we’re still being treated like second rate citizens.  Women run this country.  We should get paid equal, but honestly I feel like we should be paid more.

Inspiration to Take Action

Often I find myself, and others such as friends or family with a inability to take action and do something to solve this problem.  I immediately fell in love when I saw Beyonce’s Video about how women run the world.  I wholeheartedly agree with her statement that “women run this motherfucker”.

That phrase speaks volumes as to exactly how I’m thinking right now.  I have such anger inside, but really all of us do.  All women know that we should be paid just as much as men.  We know that we’re better than second-rate citizens.

Call to Action

Women, we need to stand up for ourselves.  Don’t be secretive with finding out what your male co-workers are getting paid.  Go right to your boss, and tell him that you’d like to see the records of who’s getting paid what for your position.

Your boss will know your serious if you tell him straight face to face.  Chances are good that your boss will have much more respect for you as well.  A great way to lose respect is to sneak around like you’re doing things illegally.

What your boss is doing, gender discrimination, is borderline illegal.   Ladies, rewrite the script and let your put your boss in his place.

Here at St. Augustine Woman’s Exchange we preach this message:

You get paid what your worth



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