Stop Eating Meat

Stop Eating Meat

Seriously, stop eating meat.  Meet is terrible for you, and lately it’s become a bit of a craze to make fun of vegetarians like myself.  It’s unbelievable how people still think that meat is good for you.  You don’t want heart disease do you?  Of course you don’t want to get heart disease, roll up, and die.

Don’t eat meat, and you won’t get heart disease or die from it.  Bustle has an awesome article outlining 8 reasons that Meat is Bad For You.  We need more articles like that, because stupid videos like these are jamming up the internet.


Meat Eaters – You’ll be Laughing Last

The thing is that I’m not a mean person.  I might be very rude to people who don’t support PETA, but under any circumstances I’m not a mean person.  I’m looking out for you’re health, my neighbor’s health, and even my least favorite cousin Will’s health.

Do your research, and seriously take another look at what your putting in your body.  Your body needs leafy greens, berries, and nuts to survive.  Your body doesn’t need meat, and it especially doesn’t need the meat that is coming out of these commercial farms nowadays.

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