People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

PETAWe’re strong believers in the need for Ethical Treatment of Animals.  Personally as a woman in a society that is ran by men I find strength in standing up for what I believe in.  No matter how insignificant the the Ethical Treatment of Animals is compared to more serious issues such as global warming, economic disaster, BLM, gun rights, and poverty; I’m still a believer that we should be treating animals right.

PETA is a powerful organization in America.  We’re over 100,000 strong, and made up of mostly women.


Warning these following facts will be painful.

  1. 95% of hair & make up products are tested on animals to see if there are any adverse skin reactions
  2. 40,000 bunny rabbits die each year as a result of hair & make up tests gone wrong
  3. Muscle & Fitness supplement companies test their products on animals
  4. Over 85% of the animals tested by the Muscle & Fitness Companies die as a result
  5. 45% of those products tested still make it to the marketplace

Animal Cruelty Needs to STOP

Animal Cruelty needs to come to a screeching halt.  There is no need to hurt these animals.  These huge companies should focus on making natural products rather than laboratory infused GMO intensive artificial products that will hurt the consumer just as much as the animals that die while being tested.

Here at St. Augustine Woman’s Exchange we preach this message:

God created us, animals, and the ability to choose for a reason.

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