A fate, not a choice is what true feminism is.  As you can tell by my bio I’m a feminist, and damn proud of it.  I may not come right out, and start swinging women’s rights jargon but I certainly have the pro-women feelings inside.

Feminist.com is a true advocate for women being getting paid what their worth.  Us women aren’t getting paid enough.  These facts are obvious, and nothing is done about it.  Beyonce doesn’t get paid more than Jay-Z even though her career is much more successful.  Instead Jay-Z gets all the “Man Credit” for landing her.

She doesn’t get any credit for landing him.  It is a complete double-standard, and quite frankly I’m tired of it.

Man Credit

kidsOne of the most viral threads right now is men dressing up their in silly outfits.  Women don’t do that, and we don’t even get credit for what we do on a regular basis.  The average husband comes home from his “long day” at work expecting his wife to have dinner ready, his game to be on the TV, and sex if he feels like it that night.

In most relationships in the late 2000s most couples have both members working.  The wife still has a second job, and gets no credit for it.  The guy gets his “man credit” for having a hot wife, or for doing something stupid with the kids.  Wives never receive a pat on the back from society when they land a hot guy.  Instead, they get given negative stereotypes for being a slut.

Reversing this situation is completely possible, but its in the hands of our generation.


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