Men Making More Money!

Do you Realize How much Money Men Make?

Men make so much more money than women, and honestly I’m just tired of it.  There is more than a 30% gap between what women can make and what men can make.  As I hinted at in my previous thread about feminism there is a serious issue in this country that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

We need to fix this!

Top 5 Richest Men’s Professions

  • Doctors
  • Tree Services (they are seriously profitable, take this one in CT)
  • Dentists
  • Plastic Surgeons (who is their biggest client??!)
  • Military Generals

RAGE THREAD INCOMING!  Male doctors get paid way more than female doctors.  9/10 the female positions are assisting the male earners.  Tree Services are a freaking joke.  Women are barred from holding any position in these tree services.

Dentists!  Have you ever seen a male dental assistant?  Of course you haven’t, because they don’t exist.

Plastic Surgeons top clients are always female.  It should be the other way around!

Military Generals are the highest paid position in the government and completely dominated by men, and only men.

Ladies, we must unite and take back our positions in the work force.  It has been too long that we’re in assisting positions instead of running the show.  Who runs the show at home?  We do, and we should run the show out of the house too!




A fate, not a choice is what true feminism is.  As you can tell by my bio I’m a feminist, and damn proud of it.  I may not come right out, and start swinging women’s rights jargon but I certainly have the pro-women feelings inside. is a true advocate for women being getting paid what their worth.  Us women aren’t getting paid enough.  These facts are obvious, and nothing is done about it.  Beyonce doesn’t get paid more than Jay-Z even though her career is much more successful.  Instead Jay-Z gets all the “Man Credit” for landing her.

She doesn’t get any credit for landing him.  It is a complete double-standard, and quite frankly I’m tired of it.

Man Credit

kidsOne of the most viral threads right now is men dressing up their in silly outfits.  Women don’t do that, and we don’t even get credit for what we do on a regular basis.  The average husband comes home from his “long day” at work expecting his wife to have dinner ready, his game to be on the TV, and sex if he feels like it that night.

In most relationships in the late 2000s most couples have both members working.  The wife still has a second job, and gets no credit for it.  The guy gets his “man credit” for having a hot wife, or for doing something stupid with the kids.  Wives never receive a pat on the back from society when they land a hot guy.  Instead, they get given negative stereotypes for being a slut.

Reversing this situation is completely possible, but its in the hands of our generation.


Stop Eating Meat

Stop Eating Meat

Seriously, stop eating meat.  Meet is terrible for you, and lately it’s become a bit of a craze to make fun of vegetarians like myself.  It’s unbelievable how people still think that meat is good for you.  You don’t want heart disease do you?  Of course you don’t want to get heart disease, roll up, and die.

Don’t eat meat, and you won’t get heart disease or die from it.  Bustle has an awesome article outlining 8 reasons that Meat is Bad For You.  We need more articles like that, because stupid videos like these are jamming up the internet.


Meat Eaters – You’ll be Laughing Last

The thing is that I’m not a mean person.  I might be very rude to people who don’t support PETA, but under any circumstances I’m not a mean person.  I’m looking out for you’re health, my neighbor’s health, and even my least favorite cousin Will’s health.

Do your research, and seriously take another look at what your putting in your body.  Your body needs leafy greens, berries, and nuts to survive.  Your body doesn’t need meat, and it especially doesn’t need the meat that is coming out of these commercial farms nowadays.

Woman’s Paychecks

Men Get Paid More

Would you believe that men get paid 30% more?  What if we paid blacks 30% less than whites?  What would happen?  There would be a huge uproar.  They’re already asking for minimum wage being raised to $15.

Sisters, we need to raise our voices and object to this mistreatment.  It is 2016, and we’re still being treated like second rate citizens.  Women run this country.  We should get paid equal, but honestly I feel like we should be paid more.

Inspiration to Take Action

Often I find myself, and others such as friends or family with a inability to take action and do something to solve this problem.  I immediately fell in love when I saw Beyonce’s Video about how women run the world.  I wholeheartedly agree with her statement that “women run this motherfucker”.

That phrase speaks volumes as to exactly how I’m thinking right now.  I have such anger inside, but really all of us do.  All women know that we should be paid just as much as men.  We know that we’re better than second-rate citizens.

Call to Action

Women, we need to stand up for ourselves.  Don’t be secretive with finding out what your male co-workers are getting paid.  Go right to your boss, and tell him that you’d like to see the records of who’s getting paid what for your position.

Your boss will know your serious if you tell him straight face to face.  Chances are good that your boss will have much more respect for you as well.  A great way to lose respect is to sneak around like you’re doing things illegally.

What your boss is doing, gender discrimination, is borderline illegal.   Ladies, rewrite the script and let your put your boss in his place.

Here at St. Augustine Woman’s Exchange we preach this message:

You get paid what your worth




People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

PETAWe’re strong believers in the need for Ethical Treatment of Animals.  Personally as a woman in a society that is ran by men I find strength in standing up for what I believe in.  No matter how insignificant the the Ethical Treatment of Animals is compared to more serious issues such as global warming, economic disaster, BLM, gun rights, and poverty; I’m still a believer that we should be treating animals right.

PETA is a powerful organization in America.  We’re over 100,000 strong, and made up of mostly women.


Warning these following facts will be painful.

  1. 95% of hair & make up products are tested on animals to see if there are any adverse skin reactions
  2. 40,000 bunny rabbits die each year as a result of hair & make up tests gone wrong
  3. Muscle & Fitness supplement companies test their products on animals
  4. Over 85% of the animals tested by the Muscle & Fitness Companies die as a result
  5. 45% of those products tested still make it to the marketplace

Animal Cruelty Needs to STOP

Animal Cruelty needs to come to a screeching halt.  There is no need to hurt these animals.  These huge companies should focus on making natural products rather than laboratory infused GMO intensive artificial products that will hurt the consumer just as much as the animals that die while being tested.

Here at St. Augustine Woman’s Exchange we preach this message:

God created us, animals, and the ability to choose for a reason.